Gonna Celebrate Valentine's Day With My Family Tonight

Tonight, I will be celebrating Valentine's Day with my family at the other lot. Its going to be fun! and we all will have a blast. We will be singing all night and dancing too. Well, I better get ready..my aunt has been sending me messages asking what time I will be going. No need to hurry anyway, it is just a walking distance. I hope you guys are having a great Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Love Meme

Valentine's Day is not only for sweet candy and roses; it is not only for lovers and couples; it is also for family and friends. When the famous Mariuca left me a message about this meme, I felt elated. Mariuca's BFF, Jean created this lovely Valentine's Love Meme as her way of expressing her love to all her special friends. Thanks for this special meme. I really really appreciate the thought.

Sharing this special meme to my friends: Babette, Honey, Joy - Kikay, Miah, Norm Ladynorms, Nisha, Ruby, Rosemarie, Ellaine and Lynn

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My Favorite Membership Card Of All

Last night I got bored and decided to clear my closet. I found my wooden box where I put some of my personal belongings such as letters, cards and collectibles. I'm amazed that I had kept my membership cards for many years inside the box; especially the ones I had when I was in college. Back in my college years, me and my friends used to join different clubs and groups for fun and with our card as our ticket we have access to the perks a member can get; like discounts and freebies. Admit it, being a member of a certain club gives you an advantage and is useful; plus it is also nice that when you open your wallet you have different kinds of cards you can flash for others to see. My favorite of all is my The Philippine Society of Hospital Pharmacists member's card. It is something that reminds me of my good, fun and tiring years working as a Pharmacist in a hospital here. I'll be keeping it in my wallet for as long as I can.

I'm Suffering In Silence..sigh..

t is the time of the month again where I'm suffering in silence. It started yesterday, and today it gotten worse. I woke up early this morning feeling dizzy and with a headache that is killing me. Went online for a while, exchanged few text messages with friends, and when the clock reached 10am my eyes were closing and were so tired already. I decided to crawl back to bed and slept for 2 hours. This afternoon F wanted to play so I put a smile on my face and said yes. All the running and chasing worsen my headache and my cramps, and just before dinner time I stole a nap. Now, I feel refreshed and a bit better, I just had my shower and took some medicine for the pain. I just hope I will have a goodnight sleep tonight.

Tech Career For My Cousin

I had a talk with my cousin the other day; he's now high school and was asking me for some tips in choosing the right career. He's worried that he might end up in the list of unemployed citizens after graduating in college. Real world is a very competitive world, one must be willing to take risks and must be a survivor to be able to take life's challenges especially with the economic crisis being felt by all.

In choosing a right career one must take into consideration his interests, skills, personality and work-related values. Don't let your finances issue hinder you from achieving your goal and getting you the help you need. There are many career development offices which can help; checking out local colleges and universities could be a great help too. Access the internet and use free online self assessment tools; these tools could help you in your list of suitable careers for you. It is also important that one must do a research; gather information about the careers he/she wants like a job description.

My cousin is into computer subjects; so I told him why not check out information about computer related careers. We are in a computer world and a knowledge in computer is highly relevant in any field nowadays. There are many opportunities and he can apply online for any programmer jobs - prestigious companies are hiring. One important tip I didn't forget to tell him is to believe - believe that he can do it, believe in his dreams and work hard to achieve them. With a personality like his, I'm pretty confident he'll make an educated decision about what career to pursue.